Encountering Jesus in Rejection

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Blog Series Overview:

We often believe encounters with Jesus can happen at the mountaintops, the peaks of our lives and our victories. But Jesus gives His grace even in the deepest valleys of our lives. These are short devotionals and the aim is to shine a light on those who are constantly seeking — and we all are — for the glory and grace and affection of the Christ. I found out in life that it is the only thing that sustains the thirsty, weary soul. Read on and share!


DAY 7. The Blind Man of Siloam
Encountering Jesus in Rejection

“One thing I do know, that though I was blind, I now see.”
The Blind Man, in John 9:25

Born blind, the nameless man that Jesus saw was a person bearing more than just the absence of vision. All his life, people may have judged him and rejected him — being born with the sickness, it meant he was born in sin. There he was, rejected by the society which judged sinners gravely without even looking at its decaying sense of morality. Jesus reached out to this man, creating mud on Sabbath day and asking the man to wash at the pool of Siloam. After doing this, he saw the light of day.

The Jewish leaders tried to manage the issue and downplayed his healing. The man can now see the faces of those who are condemning him, but his eyesight did not become an advantage: the fact remains, he was born in sin. As he was scrutinized, he did not back down. He knew what encounter he had with Christ. This, despite being casted out and judged even during a moment that should have accommodated rejoicing, sustained the man’s faith.

The ministry of Jesus did not stop at getting him healed — Jesus also strengthened his faith and validated his belief — he encountered the promised Messiah, and no rejection can ever match the acceptance that he had experienced in the love of Christ. Many times our past or present struggles would open doors for rejection to happen — but whenever we feel alone, tired, weary, and blinded, when things are dim, look for your encounter with Jesus. In Him, we will not only see — our lives will change, and we will never be the same again.

Devotional Processing:

  1. When have you felt rejected by the world? How did you cope up with it?
  2. What comfort do you think Jesus is offering you today?
  3. Thank Jesus for accepting your flaws. When the judgmental world have rejected you for the things you did before, find freedom from the past in your NOW, and your NOW is CHRIST. He creates all things new!